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nEXT300/400 Turbomolecular Pumps


Edwards, a world leader in vacuum technology, is proud to present the nEXT generation of turbopump. The pump name refers to the true peak pumping speed for nitrogen gas. The nEXT platform brings a high level of modularity to offer maximum flexibility for customer application and requirements. Each pump is available in two different internal configurations to offer differing performance Duplex - “D” - variants with both turbomolecular and drag stages for improved tolerance to higher backing line pressures. Triplex - “T” - variants with turbo, drag and Edwards unique fluid dynamic stages for the ultimate in compression ratio and Boost technology for maximum vacuum system rationalisation.

Features and Benefits
  • Class leading performance in a reduced footprint
  • Enhanced customer choice with standard and compression focused variants
  • Increased operating envelope maximised by Edwards’ patented direct impeller temperature measurement technology
  • Additional flexibility from customised interstage and backing port position selection
  • The bearing and oil cartridge in the nEXT85 are fully end-user serviceable
  • CMSD enabled low vibration levels
  • Intelligent pumps with included micro USB port and Edwards nST software allowing pump monitoring, control and configuration
  • Full suite of tailored accessories
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Electron microscopy
  • Research and development
  • High energy physics
  • Industrial

nEXT300/400 Turbomolecular Pumps

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