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e-Vap Power Supplies

  • 6kW, 10kW and 15kW models
  • High frequency switching technology
  • Excellent regulation
  • Low stored energy
  • Power efficiency greater than 85%
  • Low ripple
  • Rugged IGBT switches
  • CE compliant
  • Sequential or simultaneous operation of up to three electron beam evaporation sources
e-Vap® CVS Series Power Supplies are constructed using state-ofthe- art solid state high frequency switching technology. They are offered in three standard models rated for 6kW, 10kW and 15kW. CVS series power supplies are for use with the horizontal and vertical flange mounted systems, as well as the e-Vap® modular sources. These power supplies are also compatible with most commercially available electron beam sources and are recommended as upgrade power supplies in existing electron beam evaporation systems.

Power supply enclosures are fully interlocked for operator safety. e-Vap® CVS Series Power Supplies can power and control up to three electron beam sources. Source controls and X-Y Sweeps are not included with power supplies and must be purchased separately. For ordering information please see the next three pages. The e-Vap® source control module also employs solid state high frequency switching technology and is designed to precisely control emission current when used with e-Vap® power supplies. MDC recommends the use of a high voltage grounding hook when servicing or working with all high voltage power supplies.
 Metering Digital Voltage and Emission Current
 Cooling Air cooled
 Input power 208 V ±10%, Three-phase, 50/60 Hz, 30, 40, 60 Amperes
400 V ± 5 %, Three-phase, 50/60 Hz, 15, 20, 30 Amperes
 Voltage output  1 to 10 kV DC, negative polarity
 Voltage Ripple Less than 1% RMS
 Voltage regulation ± 0.25% of full scale output
 Efficiency 85%
  From-To Length
Input power cord Facilities outlet – Power Supply  12'
8 gauge ground wire Power Supply – Ground 12'
 Current output
6 kW 0 to 0.6 Amperes
10 kW 0 to 1.0 Amperes
15 kW 0 to 1.5 Amperes
 Weight  See Table
 Dimensions 19" W x 10.25" H x 21" L
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