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e-Vap 3kW Mighty Source

e-Vap® 3kW electron beam evaporation sources are the ideal choice for research systems. The crucible size is carefully matched to the 3kW power supply to allow temperatures high enough to evaporate virtually any materials including metals, oxides, and even refractory metals. The small footprint makes them easy to integrate into just about any chamber.

  • Compact design
  • Uniquely small footprint
  • 2cc x 4-pocket configuration
  • Water cooled

e-Vap® 3kW Mighty Evaporation Source

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e-Vap® Mighty Frame Specifications
Parameter Specification
Maximum Power 3kW - Crucible and material dependent
Operating Voltage Approximate -5kV
Beam Current Zero to 600mA
Water Flow 0.62 gpm @ 65 psi
XY sweep Up to 1A, 0-50Hz
Size 4.10″L x 2.80″W x 2.40″H
Mounting 2.75″ CF flange with HV and Water feedthroughs included
Vacuum UHV to 2x10E-11 Torr

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