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Vertical Flange Mounted Source

  • UHV compatible system
  • 10.0" Del-Seal CF flange mount
  • Assembly includes rotary and electrical feedthroughs, clamps, linkages, water flow switch and water connections
  • Shutter is fitted with a high temperature, 300ºC manual rotary drive
  • Flange seal surface to crucible centerline is 6" standard
  • Systems available with or without watercooled roofs

MDC has eliminated the difficulties of flange mounting electron beam sources. The effort that goes into designing and fitting a source to a vacuum coating chamber has been done for you with the introduction of standard vertical flange mounted evaporation sources.

The flanged assembly includes one 7cc electron beam source with all water and electrical connections. This type of flange mounted system is typically installed vertically through the bottom side of a chamber. The compact footprint of these flanged evaporation systems requires only one port flange for installation. A popular option commonly ordered with these systems is a water-cooled roof, which mounts directly above the e-Vap ® source. The water-cooled roof acts as a heat barrier between the source and substrate and also prevents vapor condensation on chamber walls.

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