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MDC Vacuum Limited now provide 600µm fibre optic feedthroughs and accessories which allow fibre optic connections from inside a vacuum system to external instrumentation or energy sources. These high temperature fibre optic products are ideally suited for UHV service in medical, industrial and research applications. UHV Fibre optic cable is cleaned and prepared for ultrahigh vacuum service. It is bakeable to 200°C and constructed only from silica and copper. Available in UV or IR specifications these cables and feedthroughs come complete with SMA905 connectors or polished and capped ends. The pure silica core provides very low loss and good immunity to radiation damage. Fibres are coated with a layer of copper which gives added strength and high temperature service capabilities. These fibres offer an extended transmission range when compared to conventional silica fibres and are commonly referred to as “Dry”or “Low OH”silica. The single feedthrough transmits both UV and IR wavelengths.

  • UHV Compatible materials
  • High temperature rated to 200°C
  • Multimode step index fibre
  • High purity synthetic silica
  • SMA-905 connector interface
  • Brazed seals prevent outgassing
  • Doped silica cladding
  • Copper metal coating
  • Maximum intensity of transmitted power, using a Nd-YAG laser is 100kW/cm2 in continuous wave mode and 500kW/cm2 in pulses <1µs
  • Feedthrough transmission loss 2db typical

Feedthroughs - UHV, UV and IR

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Transmission range
UV 180nm to 1200nm
IR 500nm to 2600nm
Typical spot values
UV 248nm, KrF laser <1.2 dB/m
308nm, XeCl laser <0.26 dB/m
IR 1.06µm, ND-YAG laserr <0.01 dB/m
Bend radius
Short term 40 x fibre radius
Long term 200 x fibre radius
Numerical aperture 0.22 ± 0.02
Core 600µm diameter high purity synthetic silica
Cladding 618µm ± 31µm diameter doped silica
Core to cladding ratio 1:1.06
Coating Copper 165µm ± 65µm thickness
Vacuum range
UHV / HV 1x10-10 /1x10-8 mbar
Temperature range 1
Feedthrough 200°C
Cable Copper coated -196°C to 200°C

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