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UHV Series

Heavy duty linear motion feedthroughs allow linear displacement of larger in-vacuum samples and components. This feedthrough has basic, rotary manual actuation and does not provide position indication. Position must be determined by visual inspection of the in- vacuum sample or component. A heavy duty acme thread lead screw provides 2Smm of linear travel for every six revolutions of the actuator knob. Unlike conventional motion feedthroughs, heavy duty models have a re-entrant welded bellows configuration.

  • 50 to 152mm linear travel
  • Manual actuator
  • Linear position lock
  • UHV materials
  • Welded bellows seal
  • Bakeable to 100°C'
  • DN40CF port mount

Linear motion-Heavy duty-UHV series

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Flange/actuator body 304ss/ Anodized aluminium
Shaft seal AM 350 welded bellows
Vacuum range UHV/HV 1x1O" mbar
Temperature range' UHV/HV -20°C to 100°C
Axial load 9.1 kg
Lateral load 9.1 kg@ 101.6mm extension maximum
Weight and dimensions See table

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