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UHV Series

Heavy duty push-pull linear motion feedthroughs allow linear displacement of heavier samples and components than conventional designs. These devices do not provide position indication. Sample or component position must be verified visually through a viewport. Sample linear position can be fixed with an integral position lock knob mounted on the actuator housing. Unlike conventional motion feedthroughs, heavy duty models employ re-entrant welded bellows construction allowing the use of sturdier and larger diameter shafts. Push-pull linear motion feedthroughs provide two-position fast action motion ideal for applications including open-close or in-out motions similar to those used for in-vacuum shutters. Special configurations, such as the 76.2mm version displayed in the photograph, may be quoted upon request.

  • 50 to 152mm linear travel
  • Manual actuator
  • linear position lock
  • UHV compatible materials
  • Welded bellows seal
  • Bakeable to 100°C'
  • DN40CF port mount
push-pull-UHV series

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Click image to enlarge
Flange/actuator body 304ss/ Anodized aluminium
Shaft seal AM 350 welded bellows
Vacuum range 1x1O" mbar
Temperature range' -20°C to 100°C
Axial load 9.1 kg
Lateral load 9.1 kg@ 76mm extension maximum
Weight and dimensions See table

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