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UHV Series

MDC Europe Products is proud to introduce our new 100K Cycle Stainless Steel Circular Gate Valve product line. MDC’s 100K Cycle Gate Valves are a cost-effective alternative to our Million Cycle Gate Valve product line, offering the same reliability and quality you have come to depend on. Every valve is made in the USA to MDC’s rigorous quality standards. 100K Cycle Gate Valves have been designed for use in high and ultra-high vacuum applications with low cycle requirements (< 100,000 cycles until service). These valves are ideal for isolation of cryopumps, turbo pumps, ion pumps, and other applications requiring clean, low outgassing valves. Metal-sealed Del-Seal™ CF flanges provide compatibility with UHV systems when pressure ranges approximate 1 x 10-10 Torr (mbar) and higher bakeout temperatures of 200°C are needed. 100K Cycle Gate Valves can be configured for higher temperatures, come in a range of sizes from 5/8” (DN16) To 20” (DN500), and are available in manual or pneumatic actuator configurations. Valve flange options include standard KF, ISO, Del-Seal™ CF or custom.

  • Rated for 100,000 Cycles Until Service (Dependent on Application)
  • UHV Series with Stainless Steel Body and Internal Components
  • Sizes from 5/8” (DN16) To 20”(DN500)
  • Manual and Pneumatic Actuation
  • Solenoid Included with All Pneumatic Valves (120V AC or 24V DC Standard, Other Voltages Available Upon Request)
  • Reed Switch Position Indicator Included with Pneumatic Valves > 5/8” (Micro Switch Available Upon Request)
  • Stainless Steel Welded Bellows
  • Standard KF, ISO, Del-Seal™ CF or Custom Flange Options
  • High Temperature Options Up to 250°C
  • Positive Mechanical Lock
  • Easily Customizable to Work with Almost Any Application

DN50 51mm ports - UHV Series

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Materials Bakeout Temperature (without solenoid)
Valve Body and Gate 304 stainless steel Elastomer Sealed Bonnet 150°C
Welded Bellows AM-350 stainless steel Metal Sealed Bonnet:
  • Valve Open
  • Valve Closed

  • 200°C
  • 150°C
  • Bonnet / gate seals:
  • HV
  • UHV
  • Viton®elastomer
  • OFHC copper/Viton® elastomer
  • Actuator:
  • Manual
  • Pneumatic
  • 60°C
  • 60°C
  • Vacuum Mechanism
    Pressure Range:
  • HV
  • UHV

  • 1 x 10-9 mbar
  • 1 x 10-10 mbar

  • Manual
  • Pneumatic Air Service

  • hand crank
  • 80 psig (5.5 bar)
  • Helium Leak Rate < 2 x 10-9 mbar l/s Solenoid:
  • Supplied Voltage
  • Optional Voltage
  • 4.0 Watts
  • 120V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • 24,200, 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • 12, 24V DC
  •  Differential Pressure   1 bar in either direction   Position Indicator: max.  115 VAC or 28 VDC, 20 mA
    Maximum Δ pressure before opening ≤ 30 mbar
    Mounting Position Cycles Until Service
    Any 100,000 (application dependent)

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