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MDC Vacuum Limited’s Kapton® insulated in-vacuum wiring is designed for high and ultrahigh vacuum environments up to 260°C. All conductors and braided shields (coaxial cable shields) are silver plated copper wire. Insulation is Kapton® Type-F film that is applied and heat treated to effectively minimise trapped volumes of gas and maintain mechanical strength. Included in this section are MDC Vacuum’s exclusive in-vacuum ribbon cables. These ribbon cables are available in either high or ultrahigh vacuum grades. UHV Ribbon cables consist of multiple strands of Kapton® insulated wires that are bundled together with a PEEK® (Polyether-Etherketone) monofilament weaving. MDC Vacuum’s ribbon cables are designed to complement its line of Subminiature-C and D feedthroughs. High vacuum PTFE ribbon cable is available as an economical solution for less demanding vacuum applications.

For sensitive UHV instrumentation applications such as AFM (atomic force microscopy) or STM (scanning tunnelling microscopy) requiring minimal loads and maximum flexibility, MDC Vacuum Limited offers standard and cryogenic fine instrumentation wires. The cryogenic instrumentation wire is suitable for temperatures down to -269°C (4°K-Liquid Helium). Securing and fastening these fine instrumentation wires is made simple with the use of conductive in-vacuum adhesives. Wire strippers and glass-ceramic colour identification beads are some of the accessories offered to facilitate working with MDC Vacuum’s extensive selection of in-vacuum wire and cable products.

  • High strength Kapton® Type F film
  • Silver plated copper conductors
  • Single, multi-strand and coaxial
  • Cryogenic instrumentation wire
  • Type-K Thermocouple wire
  • UHV Compatible construction
  • High temperature rated to 260°C

Kapton® insulated cable - UHV 0.25mm

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Conductor Silver plated copper
Insulation Kapton® Type F film
Kapton® properties
Dielectric constant 2.9
Dielectric strength 80kV/mm
Dissipation factor 0.001
Initial tear 13.4kg/mm
Tensile strength 10MPa
Elongation 75%
Moisture absorption 0.4% @ 50% RH
Radiation resistance 109 Rads
Vacuum range
UHV 1x10-11mbar
Temperature range'
Conventional 260°C
Cryogenic -269°C

Resistance of 375.8Ω/km, a capacitance 180pf/m, a voltage rating of 600VAC, 2kVDC and a current of 1.5A.

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