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Standard Gimbal

  • Independent planes provide 15º tilt about x and y axes
  • Tilt position lock for each plane
  • Micrometer or screw adjustment actuators
  • UHV compatible materials
  • Bakeable to 230ºC with screw type actuators
  • Designed for use with Del-Seal™ CF port mount formed bellows adapters

The standard gimbal geometry consists of three parallel and equidistant aluminum plates interconnected in a universal joint geometry. The top and bottom plates are equally spaced from the center plate and held in a parallel and neutral position with eight coil springs. Top and bottom plates are fitted with precision micrometers used to produce a 15º tilt about the center plates X and Y axis respectively. When all adjustment mechanisms are disengaged the springs force the plates back to a neutral and parallel position. Economical screw type adjustments are also available in place of micrometers.

Standard gimbals are designed for use with MDC formed bellows flexible adapters with 1.25" and 2.00" bore diameters. Flexible bellows adapters are not included with standard gimbal assemblies and must be purchased separately.

  Flange  304ss
  Body Anodized Aluminum
 Vacuum Range  1x10-11 Torr
 Temperature Range
  Screw Type -20ºC to 230ºC
  Micrometer Type -20ºC to 100ºC
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