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Source Control Module

  • High frequency switching technology
  • Improved emission stability over 60 Hz SCR circuits
  • Compact filament transformer
  • Electrically isolated from high voltage unit
  • Grounded and shielded filament transformer offers improved safety over conventional designs
  • Self contained emission current monitoring for independent operation
  • CE compliant
  • Full remote control capability
  • Color display
  • PS/2 Handheld mouse with trackball control included
  • Rack mounting hardware included
e-Vap® CVS Source Control Modules are designed for use with e-Vap® CVS Series Power Supplies. The source control module unit includes filament transformer assembly, hand held remote control and all necessary cables for hook-up with an e-Vap® CVS Power Supply. A maximum output current of 70 amperes assures sufficient power to drive virtually any commercially available electron beam source. e-Vap® CVS Source Control Modules are available in two installation packages, direct flange mount and remote cable mount. Direct flange mount packages are used on all MDC flange mounted evaporation systems. This package allows mounting of the filament transformer to a high voltage feedthrough fitted with a 2.75" Del- Seal™ CF flange. Filament transformer attachment is accomplished by bolting the transformer housing via two of the flanges .250-28 bolts positioned 180º apart. The remote cable mount package provides 36" of high voltage cable with OFE copper connector lugs and an acrylic high voltage shield.

There are two versions of remote mount package typically used with modular source installations.
The first version is used where high voltage electrical feedthroughs are fitted with 2-3/4 Del-Seal™ CF flanges, but limited space does not allow direct installation.
The second version is used where high voltage feedthroughs are on separate 1" bolt feedthroughs.

The source control module's compact size occupies only half the width in a standard 19" electronics rack. To facilitate the installation into a standard 19" rack, the source controller comes supplied with mounting brackets. If the source control module is purchased in conjunction with an e-Vap® programmable X-Y sweep controller the two units can be fastened together to form the standard 19" rack width. MDC offers half-rack spacers if to complete the 19" rack mount if only one unit is purchased.

 Metering Digital Voltage and Emission Current
 Cooling Air cooled
 Input power 208 V ±10%, Single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 8 Amperes
 Voltage output  12 VAC
 Current output 0 to 70 Amperes
 Efficiency 85%
  From-To Length
Input power cord * Wall outlet - Source Control Module 7.5'
Interface cable * Power Supply - Source Control Module 6'
Secondary cable *  Transformer - e-Vap® Source 3'
Control cable ** Source Control Module - Transformer 12'
Transformer input cable ** Source Control Module - Transformer 12'
High voltage cable ** Power Supply - Transformer 12'
 Weight  20 lb
 Dimensions 8.5" W x 5.25" H x 14" L
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* Fixed length cables; not available in other lengths
** A 25-foot cable kit may be purchased separately; three cables are included in one kit

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