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STPiXR1606 On-Board Controller and Power Supply

STP-iXR1606 series magnetically levitated turbo-molecular pump provides industry-leading performance and incorporates latest technology small power supply into the onboard control.

The pumping performance is improved with a revolutionary, newly developed rotor design. This fully integrated product offers easy installation and small footprint as an all-in-one solution for all application tools.

Features and Benefits
  • All-in-One (Fully Integrated Onboard Controller)
    -Eliminates connection cable between pump and control unit.
    -Eliminates installation space and cost required by conventional rack type control unit
    -Compact design results in easy installation and small foot print
  • High Performance
    -Highest pumping speed in the 8” TMP class, along with the STP-A1603.
    -Significantly improved throughput performance in high flow gas range
    -Maximum allowable flow is 88% over the existing model
  • Energy saving
    -32% reduced power consumption in the high gas flow area
  • Communication
    - I/O Remote, RS232C, RS485, STP-Link are standard ports
    - Profibus optional variant
  • Compliant Standards
    -UL marked, CE marked, SEMI-S2 compliant with RoHS directive
    -IP54 equivalent as standard

STP Maglev Series(STP-iXR1606 integrated turbomolecular pump)

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Specifications Table:
Backing port size
Inlet flange size
Pumping Speed N2
1600/1000 Litres/second
Pumping Speed H2
1200/800 Litres/second
Compression Ratios N2/H2
>108/ 1x103
Max gas flow N2 *1 (water cooled only)
4700 (7.94) sccm (Pa m3/sec)
Max gas flow Ar *1 (water cooled only)
1800 (3.04) sccm (Pa m3/sec)
IRated speed
36,500 rpm
Starting time
less than 8 minutes
Mounting position
Any orientation
Input voltage
200-240 V
Max input power
750< VA
Weight lbs (kg)

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This product references the following part numbers: YT790Z010, YT790Z030, YT790Z090