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STP Maglev Turbos/STP Series

With a consistent, reliable performance and zero maintenance, the Edwards STP maglev turbopump is the ideal choice for critical and demanding applications. The multi-axis magnetic bearing system is used to suspend the rotor during operation, ensuring there is no risk of contamination while minimising noise and vibration. Advanced Edwards STP Maglev TMP’s incorporate built in diagnostic capability that provides real-time information regarding pump health and rotor balance preventing unforeseen maintenance problems, thereby increasing process uptime.

Reducing energy consumption is key to the fight against global warming, and with increased utility costs our customers are under greater pressure to meet their energy reduction targets. Simply switching from a Diffusion pump to the latest STP maglev turbopump can have dramatic and immediate impact on your energy consumption. Edwards energy saving technologies are incorporated into the design phase of our product development to ensure reduced energy consumption with no compromise on quality or performance.

  • Optimized for semiconductor process pressure
  • Complete range from 300 to 4500ls-1
  • Application specific models
  • Installation in any orientation
  • Supported globally by Edwards

STP Maglev Series

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