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SCU 800 Pump to Controller Cables


The Edwards SCU-800 turbo pump control unit is a fully digital controller, and has perfect compatibility for middle sized pumps. New AVR (Auto vibration reduction) technology achieves a further reduction in vibration levels, and the advanced pre-maintenance call function provides advanced notice of precise maintenance time. It also provides reliability, enhanced communication with reduced back-up unit requirements and minimised overall cost of ownership.

Features and Benefits
  • Universal controller
  • Single controller is used for middle sized pumps. No requirement for different controllers for each pump type
  • Advanced pre-maintenance function
  • Service back up stocks will be reduced
  • Highest Reliability
  • Various communication
  • Compact Construction
  • Dual communication ports enable simultaneous connection to remote control interface and Edwards fabworks monitoring system

SCU-800 Turbo Pump Control Unit

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Specifications Table:
Magnetic bearing control system
Digital control
Input voltage
100-120 +/- 10% VAC / 200-240 +/- 10% VAC*
Power consumption
without Temperature Management System (TMS)
Max 850 VA
with TMS
Max 1200 VA
Input frequency
50/60 +/- 2 Hz
Leak current (maximum)
3.5 mA
Main breaker rated current
15 A
Allowable ambient temperature
0-40 °C (32-104 °F)
Storage temperature
-25 - 55°C (-13 - 131 °F)
9 kg (26.4 lb)
TMS control unit
Serial communication function
Standard (RS232/RS485)
Operation switch
Start, Stop, Reset, Select, Up, Down, Enter,
Panel display

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