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Rotatable Axis, 360° Adjustable

  • 360º continuous rotary positioning
  • Manual or motorized actuator
  • Rotary position lock
  • Differentially pumped, dual PTFE elastomer seals
  • HV compatible materials
  • Bakeable to 200ºC
  • Del-Seal™ CF port mounts

Rotatable axis stages replace conventional rotatable mounting tables previously offered by MDC. They provide 360º positioning with greater precision, control and ease of use. Rotatable stages are constructed with worm gear drive mechanisms which offer substantial mechanical advantage over non-geared designs, a feature which allows effortless manual operation, even under a full vacuum load. High torque stepper motors are also available for these stages.

MDC rotatable stages can be used to rotate heavy samples or sample support apparatus and structures. Two spring energized PTFE face seals are at the heart of the rotatable stage's sealing mechanism. With provision for differential pumping between the seals, these rotatable stages can be used in UHV environments with bakeout temperatures as high as 200ºC. They are fitted with industry standard Conflat® compatible Del-Seal™ CF port flanges.

  Flange  304ss
  Actuator body Anodized aluminum
  Gasket Seals PTFE
 Vacuum Range  1x10-11 Torr
   HV applications: 1x10-8 Torr
   UHV applications: Differentially pumped to 10-2 Torr
 Temperature Range* -20ºC to 200ºC
* Units are bakeable to 30ºC maximum when motorized.
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