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Load-Lock system

HV Series

E-FEL fast entry load-lock systems allow quick and easy loading and unloading of a sample in and out of the vacuum chamber, without breaking the system vacuum.

Samples are loaded on to the E-FEL internal transporter through the quick access door on the sample transfer chamber. Loading can be observed through a viewport.

After the transfer chamber is evacuated to the desired level through DNCF flange port, the C-Loc gate valve is opened for access into the main vacuum chamber.

The sample can be moved 305mm ( 12"), 61 Omm (24") or 915mm (36"), from the centre of the entry load lock. lt can also be rotated 360°. Positioning is controlled by sliding an external sleeve that is magnetically coupled with the transporter rod, connected to the sample holder, inside the system.


  • Transfer samples from atmosphere to UHV in minutes
  • Choice of 35mm ( 1 3/a"), 65mm (23/a") and 95mm (33/4') nominal sample sizes
  • Magnetically coupled rotary/linear transporter rod
  • Sample chamber with viewport and quick open/close door
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Type 304 ( 1.430 1) stainless steel construction
  • UHV version bakeable to 200°C
Load-lock systems - UHV series

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