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DN 16CF to DN40CF


CF double-sided flanges are designed to be inserted between two flanges of the same size. This provides a simple method for adding thermocouple gauge tubes or upto-air valves to a system with virtually no change in conductance or pumping speed.

All CF double-sided flanges are made of 304ss material. Each assembly requires two gaskets and longer-length bolts.

Caburn-MDC does not recommend stacking more than one double-sided flange in a single assembly.

  • UHV rated to 1x10-13 mbar
  • High temperature rated to 450ºC
  • Nonrotatable geometry
  • OFE Copper or optional Viton® elastomer gaskets
  • Clearance and blind-tapped bolt holes
  • Conflat® compatible with other manufacturers' knife edge flanges and complies with ISO 3669

CF Flanges Double sided - DN16CF to DN40CF

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Flanges 304ss
Gaskets OFE copper
Bolts Stainless steel
Bolt Type Hexagonal and socket head
Nut Type Hexagonal
Size / Torque M4/9 Nm,
M6/16 Nm,
MS/20 Nm,
MS/35 Nm
Vacuum Range to below 1x10-13 mbar
Temperature Range -200ºC to 450ºC
Weight and dimensions See table
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