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Circular MS Style- Vacuum Service to350ºC

Although these connectors do not carry the MS prefix, they are of the MS type. Other than the alumina ceramic dielectric, these connectors meet standard specifications for MIL-C-5015 connectors. They are solid shell, straight plug threaded connectors with polarizing keyways. The female socket contacts are matched to E, J or K type thermocouple materials suitable for service in air or vacuum and bakeable to 350ºC. The metal shell components are Nickel plated Aluminum with low vapor pressure characteristics, unlike standard MS Circular Connectors which are Cadmium plated and not suitable for UHV. Due to polarity reversal, air side connectors cannot be used on the vacuum side receptacle of a double ended feedthrough.
Connectors are sold separately and specifically for air or vacuum service with unique part numbers for each.


Insulator Seal (ISI) brand catalog and custom engineered ceramic to metal seal products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standard utilizing our qualified hermetic brazing and joining processes.

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This product references the following part numbers: 9923024, 9923025, 9923026, 9923027, 9923028, 9923029, 9923030, 9923031, 9923032, 9923033, 9923034, 9923035