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Ceramic Beads, Alumina

Ceramic Beads are used for the electrical insulation of bare wires in air or vacuum systems. (Voltage insulation will be greater in vacuum because of the higher dielectric strength of a vacuum environment.) Beads are available for wire sizes between .045 inches and .128 inches diameter. Consisting of short cylindrical tubes with one end concave and the other convex, these Beads provide continuous shielding of a central conductor when stacked in a mating or nestling order. Their versatility is most evident in non-linear flexible applications such as in shielded Coaxial Vacuum Cabling and any projects which require intricate layout patterns or motion displacement. Because of their flexible nestling feature these beads are also commonly known as Fish-Spine Beads. Please note that overall flexibility is affected by the wire-to-ceramic coaxial clearance so that as the wire size increases, flexibility decreases.

Material Alumina
Alumina Content 95%
Conductor Size 0.045"
Number of Pins 1
Service Temperature to 450ºC

Insulator Seal (ISI) brand catalog and custom engineered ceramic to metal seal products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standard utilizing our qualified hermetic brazing and joining processes.

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