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MDC Europe hybrid adaptors provide a transition from one method of sealing to another. The hybrid feature of these adaptors is that the geometries at each end of any component are different. This is more than a change in size within a particular sealing method. They are available in most of the common interface transition pairs.
There are two major categories of adaptors: one combines pairs of standard vacuum flanges and the other combines standard fittings with flanges.
A frequent transition is from a metal seal flange to an 0-ring sealed flange or fitting. Specifications are generally limited by the introduction of an 0-ring seal. All hybrid adaptors, except the CF to Swagelok® or VCR® adaptors, include at least one non-metal seal and are therefore limited to high vacuum applications. Refer to individual component sections for specifications.

Reducers are a change in size within a particular flange sealing method, such as metal-seal to metal-seal. Reducers within a specific sealing method can be found in the fittings portion of each flange section.
Custom configurations available on request.

  • High vacuum rated to 1x10-8 mbar
  • Temperature Range: 200ºC maximum
  • CF to Swagelok® or VCR® provides UVH,pressure, and temperature ranges
  • Nonrotatable and symmetric geometries
  • Viton® elastomer O-rings
  • CF, ISO, KF and LF compatible flanges
  • Custom adaptors available upon request

Flange to Flange-ISO KF

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Fittings 304ss or brass
Flanges 304ss
Method and size See individual flange specifications
Vacuum Range 1x10-8mbar
Fittings leak test 1x10-8mbar 1x5-1
Temperature Range -20ºC to 200ºC
Weight and dimensions See table

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