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Caburn-MDC guide tubes provide bellows support for V-Plane® manipulator stages fitted with long-stroke bellows as well as secondary rotary and linear motion feedthroughs installed on the stage. Guide tubes mount directly onto V-Plane® manipulator stages fitted with DN40CF port flanges with a bore clearance suitable for the 28.6mm guide tube diameter. They are supplied with both rotary and linear bearing supports. Rotary bearings for 6.4 and 9.5mm diameter shafts are included. For applications requiring sample heating, cooling, high voltage biasing, thermocouple temperature measurements, etc., the guide tube tip has been fitted with two slots 180° apart through which wires or tubes can be fed. Four DN 16CF and one DN40CF flange accessory ports allow the installation of up to five additional accessory components. When a manipulator stage is not under vacuum or is let up to air with the bellows in some state of compression, the compressed bellows' spring force may force the bellows to shift off-axis at some point during its travel. The off-axis shift could be sudden and violent causing injury or damage to the bellows.

Caburn-MDC recommends that all long-stroke 38.1 mm diameter bore Z axis V-Plane® stages, with linear travels exceeding 150mm, be fitted with guide tubes

Note: The linear bearing support requires a 63.5 bore in any mating component.

  • V-Plane® building block component
  • Used with 38mm bore Z-axis V-Plane® stages with greater than 152mm travel
  • Bakeable to 30°C
  • DN 16CF access ports
  • Linear bearing guide tube support
  • Includes 6.4 and 9.5mm diameter shaft rotary bearing supports
Z-Axis guide tube-CF

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Flange 304 Stainless steel
Bearings 300 Series stainless steel with Dicronite® coating
Vacuum range 1x10-11mbar
Temperature range -20°C to 230°C
Weight and dimensions See table

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