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This MDC feedthrough is true tri-axial, all three contact points are electrically isolated from one another. All ceramic construction without any glass in a very low profile design, which allows it to be mounted on both KF16 and DN16CF flanges upwards.

  • Medium power transmission with high-voltage requirements
  • Bayonet-style threadless connection
  • Air-side connector included
  • In-vacuum cables available
  • Three standard vacuum mounting styles
  • Custom feedthrough configurations available upon request

UHV and HV series - CF

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Voltage 5,OOOV DC maximum
Current 3A
Impedance rating Non constant
Flanges 304ss
Shell 304ss
Pins 304ss
Insulation Alumina ceramic
Vacuum range UHV/HV 1 X 10 -10 mbar/ 1 X 10 -8 mbar
Temperature range'
CF Mounted feedthrough -100°C to 450°C
ISO KF Mounted feedthrough -20°C to 150°C
Weldable feedthrough -100°C to 450°C
Air-side connector -65°C to 165°C
Dimensions Reference only, subject to change

Air-side connector included at no extra cost.

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