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MDC Europe flanged quick-disconnects provide rapid access into vacuum chambers through flanged ports. They offer all the convenience and flexibility of standard quickdisconnects when mated with CF baseplate or KF ports on a vacuum system. Quick-disconnects are a fast and convenient method for coupling and uncoupling metal and glass tubing. They permit the speedy interchange of feedthroughs, adaptors, thermocouple gauges and a variety of other special-purpose devices. A positive seal is provided by 0-ring compression. Fractional tubing OD must be circular within 0.2mm.

Note: IDs are through and do not include a stop to restrict tubing insertion.

Material is 300 series stainless steel. Maximum bake-out temperature is 200oC. Quick-disconnects are easily sealed with blankoffs when not in use. Blankoffs are not included unless stated otherwise. Stainless steel and brass blankoffs are available.

Fitting to Flange CF

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 Fittings 304ss & 316ss
 Flanges 304ss
Vacuum Range 1x10-8mbar
Fittings Leak Test  2x10-10 cc/sec He

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