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Caburn-MDC fused silica viewports are designed and rated for high and ultra-high vacuum applications. They are constructed using vacuum grade materials including high purity silicon dioxide, 304 stainless steel and vacuum tube-grade braze alloys.

Fused silica is a polycrystalline, isotropic material with no crystal orientation. Its physical, thermal, dialectric and optical properties are uniform in all directions of measurement.

  • Synthetic fused silica
  • Standard and zero length
  • 40-20 scratch-dig
  • Non-coated optics
  • Six sizes available


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General specifications
Transmission range'  
Regular grade 0.30 to 4.00 1-Jm
UVGrade 0.2 to 4.501-Jm
Temperature rating  
ISO KF Flange mount to 150°C
Weight and dimensions See table  
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