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C-Loc High Vacuum Series

  • Viton® O-Ring Sealed Gates
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Manual or Electropneumatic Operation
  • Mechanical Position Indicator
  • Patented C-Loc™ Locking Mechanism
  • Double Impulse 24VDC Air Control Solenoid

 Body, Carriage & Gate 300 Series ss
 Bellows AM-350 ss
 Air Cylinder Teflon® coated Aluminium
 Bolts 300 Series ss, silver plated
 Bonnet Viton® elastomer
 Gate Viton® elastomer
 Piston Viton® elastomer
Electropneumatic Actuator
 Air Pressure 70 to 100 psig
 Air Control Valve Herion, double impulse solenoid valve
 Solenoid Power 24 VDC
 Power Loss Valve remains in position during air or power failure
 Position Indicators Mechanical, vernier adjustable, hinged-roller type micro swithes suitable for 5A, 120/240 VAC
 Range 1x10-8 Torr
 Leak Test 2x10-10 cc/sec of He
Temperature Range
Bakeability under vacuum in Open-Closed positions, with the following Bonnet-Gate Seal combinations.
Series Open Closed Bonnet Gate
HV 150ºC 150ºC Viton® Viton®
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