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Blankoff Brass

Caburn-MDC quick-disconnects provide a fast and convenient method for coupling and uncoupling metal and glass tubing. They can be welded, brazed, or soldered to flanges, manifolds, chambers and other vacuum equipment. Quick-disconnects are ideal for mounting ion gauges, thermocouple gauges, special test ports and feedthrough.

Components are fabricated from 304 stainless steel or brass. Assemblies are useable to 1x10-8mbar and can be baked to 200°. The maximum temperature for sustained use is 150°.

Note: Repeated bake-out to 200° can cause deterioration of 0-rings and require their periodic replacement.

The compression of a Viton® 0-ring can accommodate variations in a tube up to 0.2mm. lt is essential that all inserted tubes have accurate fractional inch diameters. Quick-disconnects have a bore clear through the body and do not restrict a tube from entering as far as desired into a chamber. Care must be taken when loosening the knurled compression seal nut for adjustment while the unit is under vacuum.

  • HV rated to 1x10-8 mbar
  • High temperature rated to 200°C
  • Symmetric and non-rotatable geometries
  • Viton® 0-rings
  • Fast coupling
  • Large range of tube sizes
  • Weldable, Conflat® and ISO compatible designs
  • Flanged versions available

Quick Disconnect Blankoff Brass

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Fittings 304ss or brass
0-rings Viton®
Flanges 304ss
Torque Finger-tight
 Range 1x10-8 mbar
Temperature Range -20ºC to 200ºC
Weight and dimensions See table

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