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  • 2-3/4" Del-Seal CF flange or Kwik-Flange KF NW 40 port connections on Base Wells
  • Standard ASA pump port flange, with optional Del-Seal CF or ISO Large-Flange LF port
  • All type 304 stainless steel construction
  • Elastomer seal surface

Installation of a Baseplate is made by positioning a Bell Jar or Feedthrough Collar directly on top of it. The bell jar-to-baseplate seal is made with either a Viton ® L-gasket or O-ring, depending on which Bell Jar or Feedthrough model is used.
Standard MDC Base Wells are the integral combination of a Feedthrough Collar and a Baseplate, and eliminate one vacuum seal with a weld. Base Wells add four, eight, or eighteen convenient feedthrough ports to bell jar vacuum systems. These ports accept a variety of feedthrough devices and other components mounted on mating Del-Seal CF 2-3/4" flanges or Kwik-Flange KF NW40 sizes. If access ports are not required, Bell Jars can be mounted directly on Baseplates. Both Baseplates and Base Wells connect to the vacuum pumping system with a choice of standard smooth face ASA ANSI flange, or optional Del-Seal CF metal seal flange or Large-Flange LF bolt-style.
Seals for any flanges or ports are not included with Baseplates or Base Wells. For pump port flange or side port flanges, refer to individual flange specifications.

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