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Miniature UHV Steppers

With 200 steps per revolution, these in-vacuum stepper motors are ideally suited for the precision movement of delicate specimens inside ultrahigh vacuum system. The particulate generation of these stepper motors is minimized by the total absence of metal to metal sliding surfaces. Their low outgassing characteristics, make these motors especially suitable for many sensitive ultrahigh vacuum applications.

Miniature Ultra High Vacuum

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  Type Kapton® insulated 1 / 0.6mm
  Electrical wires 4
  Type K thermocouple wires 2
 Input Voltage 3.12 VDC
 Input Current 1.2 A
 Temperature Range -40ºC to 250ºC
 Steps per Revolution 200
 Vacuum Range 1x10-10 mbarr
   Holding  7.5 oz-in
   Detent 0.5 oz-in
 Winding Resistance 2.6 Ohm
 Winding Inductance 1.2 mH
 Weight  0.23 kg

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