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UHV series

Differentially pumped direct-drive rotary motion feedthroughs provide 11Nm and 500rpm maximum rotation. The rotary shaft is supported by two radial bearings located inboard of dual Viton® elastomer shaft seals. The region between the seals can be differentially pumped through the 3.2mm female pipe thread port provided and thus attain UHV compatibility to 1.3x10-9mbar.

  • Continuous rotary motion
  • Manual actuator
  • UHV or HV-compatible materials
  • Differentially pumped, Dual Viton® elastomer shaft seal
  • Bakeable to 100°C
  • CF and ISO KF port mounts
Direct,differentially UHV Series

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Flange/actuator body 304ss
Shaft seal Viton®
Vacuum range' UHV/HV 1.3x10-9mbar
Temperature range' UHV/HV -20°C to 180°C
Speed (500rpm)11Nm
Torque 11.3Nm
Axial load 11 kg
Lateral load higher loads at reduced rpm 2.3kg
Weight and dimensions See table

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