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Several of the MDC Europe tubes will directly interchange with models of various manufacturers as noted in the cross reference table.

While tubes may have identical electrical specifications with tubes from other manufacturers not listed, pin-out dimensions may vary.

  • Non-burnout design allows momentary exposure to atmosphere
  • Choice of Pyrex®, Kovar® and CF flange
  • ISO KF flange optional
  • UHV compatible
  • CF flange

Glass envelope ionization gauge tubes - Tubulated

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Vacuum Specifications
 Vacuum range 10-3to4x1010mbar
 Maximum operating pressure   1x10-3 mbar
 Sensitivity ±20% 10 mbar
 X-ray limit 4x1x10-11mbar
Construction Specifications
 Flange  304ss
Envelop  304ss
 Grid "Non-sag"tungsten 0.7mm dia
 Filament Hairpin thoria coated iridium
 Collector Tungsten, 0.254mm dia
 Shield Coating  Platinum, internally connected to filament
 Base Leads  Soft nickel 1.5mm diameter
 Collector Lead  Soft nickel I .Omm dia
 Internal volume  220cm3 (not including tubulation)
Operating Specifications
 Collector OV DC (ground)
 Shield Internally connected to filament
 Grid  + I SOV DC to ground
 Filament + 30V DC to ground
Filament volts AC 4.0V
 Filament Current  3.5A (I mA grid current)
 Absolute maximum filament volts AC 70W
Absolute maximum filament current AC IOmA
Absolute maximum filament temperature 1400°C

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