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Molecular sieve traps containing type 13X synthetic zeolite effectively prevent oil backstreaming at room temperature. They also trap water vapour in the sieve charge. The sieve charge can be reactivated by baking out in place when the base vacuum cannot be achieved. A valve should be used to isolate evolved gas from the system during bakeout cycle. During bakeout the mechanical pump removes the evolved gas from the sieve trapping material. Normal bakeout can be accomplished by use of a timer during system off hours.

Any oils trapped by the sieve material cannot be removed by baking. Periodic replacement is required whenever the sieve material exhibits evidence of hydrocarbon loading as determined by empirical observation. Sieve trapping material can be replaced through port on top of trap. Traps can be mounted in the standard vertical or horizontal position.

The heater reaches and maintains a self-regulated constant 150°C temperature. Bakeout time depends on the amount of water vapour loading of the zeolite, within the range of four to 12 hours.

  • Effectively blocks backstreaming by absorbing hydrocarbons
  • Traps water vapour
  • Regeneration using built-in heater
  • 304 stainless steel trap body
  • Available in four sizes

Molecular sieve - ISO KF

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