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UHV Series

All-metal ULV series precision ultrahigh vacuum leak valves are designed to control gas admission into high and ultrahigh vacuum systems. They are manually actuated via a cantilever arm fitted with extra-fine pitch threads for precise adjustment. They are ideally suited for handling hot and corrosive gases commonly used in demanding research environments. The valve body is constructed of type 304 stainless steel and a replaceable OFE copper seat. The valve poppet is made of high purity sapphire and is also replaceable. ULV series precision leak valves are shipped in a leak-tight condition. Leak rates are controlled by relieving the pressure applied to the replaceable copper seat. Leak rates are adjustable down to a minimum of 1.3x10-10mbar L/sec.
  • Adjustable leaks to 1.3 x10-10 m bar L/ sec
  • High-temperature service to 450°C
  • Replaceable sapphire poppet
  • Replaceable OFE copper seat
  • Manual cantilever actuator
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dry film lubricated actuator
  • CF ports

UHV Series

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 Flanges 304ss
 Valve Body / Seat 304ss / OFE Copper
 Bolts  300 ss
 Gasket, Poppet and Bonnet Nickel
Port Fastening
 Bolt Type Socket head
 Nut Type Hexagonal nuts
Leak Rate 1x10-3 to 7.5x10-8 Torr l/sec
Inlet Pressure ≤ 1 bar maximum
Temperature Rating 450ºC
Weight 0.5 kg
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