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Baseplate to ISO KF / ISO KF

Baseplate fittings mount through one-inch diameter ports and require a flat, scratch-free sealing surface of at least 44.5mm diameter. A vacuum seal is achieved by uniform compression of an elastomer gasket on the vacuum side of the chamber. A sealing nut and washer are typically fastened on the atmosphere side of the chamber. Hand tightening will usually provide adequate seal compression.

Elastomer seals limit the operating temperature range and bake-out temperature. For Viton® 0-rings, the maximum intermittent bake-out temperature is 200oC with a sustained use to 150oC. Repeated bake-out cycling can result in the deterioration of the 0-ring.

  • For use with plates up to 25.4 thick
  • Fits through standard 25.4 diameter holes
  • Seal is by Viton® 0-ring
  • Stainless steel body, washer and nut
Baseplate to ISO KF

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 Fittings 304ss & 316ss
 Flanges 304ss
Vacuum Range 1x10-8mbar
Fittings Leak Test  2x10-10 cc/sec He

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