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Product Listing

XL12 Multi Crystal Sensor Head

  • Reliable
  • Smaill Footprint
  • Minimal Shadowing
  • Minimal Crystal Handling
  • Ease of Installation
  • Works w/ Present Thin Film Controllers
  • 1/3 the price of Leading Competitors Units
XL12 Multi Crystal Sensor Head Package Includes:
  • Multi Crystal Sensor Head
  • Controller
  • 1" Bolt Feedthrough or 2-3/4 Conflat
  • 30" In-Vacuum cable
  • 12 Complementary Quartz Crystals
  • 15 Crystal Carriages
  • 2 Sensor Shields

X12 Multi crystal can hold up to 12, 6 MHz Crystal at a time. With the XL12, the customer can take financial advantage of long term depositions runs! This instrument is an exclusive patent pending design to meet industry standards.

This revolutionary design is a small 1.5w x 5.75"l x 1.4"h (see drawings) sensor head that uses slide technology to transfer the crystals. The crystals are seated in carraige assemblies in order to provide guaranteed exchange during process. When the crystal in use expires, an operater can manualy signal the next crystal to move into position or you can send a signal via your thin film monitor / controller. After a signal is given, the XL12 transfers the next crystal into position which moves the expired crystal into a holding compartment. To reload the XL12 you simply remove the self aligning crystal cartridge from the main body. You remove 2 screws and the top plate, you then reload 12 new crystals, replace the top plate and reinstall the cartridge to the main body. This process takes less than 5 minutes.

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