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Low Profile Ion Pumps Accessories

From low vacuum starts to unexpected vacuum events, an ion pump controller needs to deliver power from microamps to hundreds of milliamps at operational voltages. Our LION Series Controllers are capable of delivering the critical power needed to an ion pump while precisely monitoring the vacuum environment when power requirements are minimal in order to react within milliseconds to a situation. Critical reactant controls include varying power, shutting down the pump to avoid damage, and sending preprogrammed commands through various communications protocols.

  • Designed for maximum user flexibility
  • Can monitor pressure for up to two pumps independently
  • Can simultaneously operate up to four ion pumps and two Titanium Sublimation Pumps (TSP) or Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) pumpse
  • Contains a microprocessor, eight programmable set points, RS communication interface, and two high-voltage modules
  • Design—full 19" rack, 5.25" (3U) high
  • Available with 120V or 220V inputs
  • Can be configured to control Varian ion pumps
  • CE listed

Gamma MPC Series - Multi-Pump Controller

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Specifications Table:
Pump Model
MPC Multi-Pump Controller
Maximum Number Pumps Can Operate
4 + 2 TSP
Recommended Maximum Pump Size L/sec.
Input Voltage
110, 200–250 VAC
Factory Set
LxWxH - in. (mm)
19" Standard Rack
5.2 x 19 x 17.4
(132.5 x 482.6 x 441.3)
Output Voltage (Open Circuit)
± 5.6 KV, ± 7 kV
Output Current (Short Circuit)
100, 500 mA, Factory Set
Power (Maximum)
1,000 W, Factory Set
High Voltage Connector
1–4 King Type 1064-I or Fischer Type 105
Front Panel Display
10 Line Touch Screen Pressure (Pascal, mbar, Torr) Current Voltage
Analog, 0 to 7 VDC Linear Proportional to Voltage
Analog, 0 to 10 VDC Logarithmic Proportional to Current
RS232 (Standard), RS422, RS485, Ethernet
Weight lbs (kg)
37 (16.8)

NOTE: 5,600V supply voltages and Remote High Voltage Enable Options are available upon request.

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