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Small Ion Pumps Accessories

Edwards offers a range of Ion Pumps, capture pumping technologies, create high vacuum (HV) and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environments for a variety of applications, ranging from portable mass spectrometers to large scale particle accelerators. They can create the lowest possible vacuum at an economical cost. Small ion pumps come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Gamma Vacuum maintains stock of the most common configurations for same-day delivery. These pumps have the added advantage that they can be mounted in any orientation without additional support.

Gamma Ion Small Pump Controller

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Specifications Table:
Pump Model
MPC Multi-Pump Controller
Recommended Maximum Pump Size L/sec.
Input Voltage
110, 200–250 VAC
Factory Set
LxWxH - in. (mm)
19" Standard Rack
5.2 x 19 x 17.4
(132.5 x 482.6 x 441.3)
Output Voltage (Open Circuit)
± 5.6 KV, ± 7 kV
Output Current (Short Circuit)
100, 500 mA, Factory Set
Power (Maximum)
1,000 W, Factory Set
High Voltage Connector
1–4 King Type 1064-I or Fischer Type 105
Front Panel Display
10 Line Touch Screen Pressure (Pascal, mbar, Torr) Current Voltage
Analog, 0 to 7 VDC Linear Proportional to Voltage
Analog, 0 to 10 VDC Logarithmic Proportional to Current
RS232 (Standard), RS422, RS485, Ethernet
Weight lbs (kg)
37 (16.8)

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