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Transferable Experimental Station

  • Reliable UHV electrical connection
  • Remotely make and break electrical connections
  • Move mounted experiments from chamber to chamber without breaking vacuum
  • Sample mounting directly on heater provides thermal responsiveness and high maximum temperature
  • Sample temperature can be measured directly on the sample for highly accurate measurement
  • UHV compatible banana plugs
  • Reliable, positive locking system

The Model TES Transferable Experimental Station is a versatile sample mounting system with completely UHV compatible electrical connections. Simple samples or complex experiments are mounted to the sample transfer platform, or puck, in atmosphere. The sample or experiment can then be moved into a vacuum system through a load-lock chamber or moved from one chamber or station to another using a magnetic transporter. Reliable electrical connections can be repeatedly made or broken.

The Transferable Experimental Stations are fitted with heaters ranging from 1/2-inch to 2-inch diameter that will reach temperatures up to 1200ºC. Various mechanisms, such as screws, clips, or retaining cups can be used to hold samples on the puck.

The heart of the station is a generic sample puck equipped with either four or seven electrical connectors. The generic design of the puck allows for easy mounting of samples and offers a stable platform for building experiments.

The complete system consists of the sample puck with a heater, a receiving station and an adapter which mounts to the transporter that allows the puck to be locked to either the transporter shaft or the receiving station. The receiving station must be mounted securely inside the vacuum chamber. The method of mounting the receiving station is left to the user.

To provide the electrical connections, the banana plugs are manufactured from BeCu, 304 stainless steel and ceramic. They are gold coated for enhanced electrical performance and reliability. Chromel /Alumel plugs are also available for use with K-type thermocouples. The possibility of zinc outgassing from the brass used in traditional connectors in the vacuum chamber has been completely eliminated.

The TES Transferable Experimental Station is much more versatile than any other commercially available sample transfer system and is excellent for surface science and process development applications. 

  Puck, sample platen  Molybdenum, Boron Nitride coated graphite
  Puck, outer shell  BeCu, 304ss
  Electrical contacts  Au, BeCu, 304ss and ceramic
  Transporter adapter  304ss for MTM
304ss and aluminum for PMT
  Receiving station  304ss 
 Vacuum Range  1x10-11 Torr
 Temperature Range * 1200ºC
 Engagement Force **  2 to 5 pounds max.
 Electrical Rating  15 kV maximum
15 Amperes per connector
 Load ***  5 lb maximum
*  With available heaters.
** Dependent on number of connectors.
*** Maximum load dependent upon travel and configuration of linear transporter.
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