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  • Blank or viewport fitted doors
  • Viton® elastomer door seal
  • HV compatible materials
  • Bakeable to 150ºC
  • Del-Seal™ CF port mounts
  • Tapped or clearance hole mounting port flange

Quick-Access doors provide convenient and fast manual loading of samples in and out of vacuum chambers. Doors are hinged and fitted with a swingaway hand knob locking mechanism. Viewport fitted doors are constructed with Corning type 7056 glass fused to a Kovar® nickel-iron transition sleeve. All access doors are supplied with Viton® elastomer seals suitable for high vacuum service. High temperature Kalrez® elastomers can be used to increase a door's maximum temperature rating.

Quick-Access doors with clearance mounting holes are intended for installation on chamber ports with tapped holes. To order this hardware, reference the hardware table below. Note that the mounting hardware listed below is not long enough to join a clearance hole door with a clearance hole flange. 

Quick-Access doors with tapped mounting holes are intended for installation on chamber ports with clearance holes. The hardware required to mount tapped hole doors is the same as for joining a standard clearance hole and tapped hole Del-Seal™ CF flange combination. To order this hardware reference Del-Seal™ CF flanges hardware section. Note that the mounting hardware listed below is not long enough for installation of a Quick-Access door with tapped mounting holes.

  Flange 304ss
  Actuator housing and stop clamps Anodized aluminum
  Door seal Viton®
  Viewport 7056 Glass
 Vacuum Range  1x10-8 Torr
 Temperature Range* -20ºC to 150ºC
 Bolt Hole Orientation
  On centerline QD-275
  Straddles centerline QD-450
*  Contact factory for high temperature rating.
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Viewport Door - Blind Tapped Holes Motion & Manipulation Load-Lock Systems
Viewport Door - Blind Tapped Holes Motion & Manipulation Load-Lock Systems

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Flange SizeTapped HolesView DiaDoor IDABCDEWT. LBPart NumberUOMList PriceNet PriceLead TimeQty
REF# QD-800-VP
EACH$1,685.00$1,685.0025 days
REF# QD-275-VP
EACH$700.00$700.0025 days
REF# QD-338-VP
EACH--- Call (510) 265-3500 ----
REF# QD-450-VP
EACH$1,130.00$1,130.00In Stock
REF# QD-458-VP
EACH--- Call (510) 265-3500 ----
REF# QD-600-VP
EACH$1,167.00$1,167.0025 days
REF# QD-675-VP
EACH--- Call (510) 265-3500 ----
REF# QD-1000-VP
EACH$2,400.00$2,400.0025 days
REF# QD-1200-VP
EACH--- Call (510) 265-3500 ----
REF# QD-1325-VP
EACH$4,420.00$4,420.0025 days
REF# QD-1400-VP
EACH--- Call (510) 265-3500 ----
REF# QD-1650-VP
EACH--- Call (510) 265-3500 ----

* Nominal I.D. of door gasket is 1-3/8"
** Includes two latches at 45° above horizontal centerline. 

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