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  • Rectangular port, manually actuated, HV gate valve
  • 8 inch maximum sample diameter
  • 12 to 36 inch linear travel
  • Magnetically coupled guided transporter
  • Rotary position lock
  • Sample chamber with viewport fitted quick-access door
  • Horizontal installation recommended
  • HV compatible materials
  • Bakeable to 150ºC
  • Del-Sealº CF port mounts

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 Rectangular Gate Valve  See Rectangular Gate Valve  section
 Magnetic Transporter See Transporter section
 Quick-Access Doors See Quick-Access Doors section
 Vacuum Range  1x10-8 Torr
 Temperature Range* -20ºC to 150îC
* Magnets must be removed for 150ºC rating; 30ºC maximum when attached.
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Rectangular Entry Motion & Manipulation Load-Lock Systems

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812.0027.501.0 x 8.3105665609
REF# LLR-812
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824.0041.001.0 x 8.3107665610
REF# LLR-824
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836.0053.001.0 x 8.3110665611 
REF# LLR-836
EACH--- Call (510) 265-3500 ----

Rectangular entry load-lock systems allow quick and easy loading or unloading of samples between connected vacuum chambers without breaking the main system vacuum. Samples are loaded onto a magnetically coupled transporter through the quick-access door located on the rectangular sample staging chamber. After the staging chamber has been evacuated to the desired vacuum level, the rectangular load-lock valve is opened for access into the main vacuum chamber. The sample can be moved 12 to 36 linear inches, depending on transporter model installed. Sample positioning is controlled by sliding an external actuator housing, fitted with permanent magnets, which magnetically couples with the transporter rod inside the sample chamber. These transporters are UHV compatible and fitted with a linear bearing shaft support. To prevent sample rotation transporter is fitted with an external linear guide rod. Optional transporter alignment gimbals provide compensation for chamber port misalignment and other minor system imperfections. Transporter alignment gimbals must be purchased separately


The quick-access door swings clear for sample entry and removal. The tip of the magnetic transporter is accessible through this door. Various sample handling accessories including Cab-Fast® and Auto-Dock™ sample handling systems are available. Doors are sealed with Viton® elastomer gaskets. High temperature Kalrez® elastomers can be used to increase the systems bakeout temperature to 200°C. vacuum
Rectangular entry load-lock systems are fitted with UHV rated magnetic transporters and include a transporter guide rod mechanism. The guide rod mechanism allows rotation lock during sample transfer. The magnets in the transporter actuator (black cylinder in photograph) must be removed for 150°C service or bakeout. The magnets must not be subjected to temperatures in excess of 30°C. vacuum
Rectangular to circular flange adapters provide connectability between rectangular entry load-lock system gate valves and any vacuum chamber fitted with a 13-1/4" Del-Seal™ CF mating flange. These flange adapters are also available in other sizes for use with the full range of MDC rectangular gate valves. vacuum

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