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  • 1:1 compliance of the shaft provides zero backlash
  • Frictionless rotation with low drag torque
  • Smooth translation with no particle generation.
  • High Torque Transmission
  • Capable of continuous high speed rotation
  • Multiple mounting options available
  • Solid and hollow shaft configurations
  • Non-cooled and water-cooling configurations
  • The standard fluid is hydrocarbon based and suitable for most
    applications. Optional fluorocarbon based fluid is available for reactive
    gas environments
  • Customized solutions available on request
  • Competitive pricing

Leak rate: 5 x 10-9 std. cc/sec,He
Temperature Range -6° to 80°C (non-cooled)
Temperature Range  150°C (water-cooled)
Vacuum range 10-9 Torr
Max. operation pressure 28 PSIG
Bearing lubrication
Krytox (H) / Fomblin (F)
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Solid Shaft Baseplate Mount Motion & Manipulation Ferromagnetic Fluid Rotary Feedthroughs
Solid Shaft Baseplate Mount Motion & Manipulation Ferromagnetic Fluid Rotary Feedthroughs

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ABCDEFPart NumberUOMList PriceNet PriceLead TimeQty
REF# FER-BP-75-25-SS-H
EACH$640.00$640.0020 days
REF# FER-BP-100-25-SS-H
EACH$655.00$655.0020 days
REF# FER-BP-100-38-SS-H
EACH$685.00$685.0020 days
REF# FER-BP-150-25-SS-H
EACH$745.00$745.0020 days
REF# FER-BP-150-38-SS-H
EACH$750.00$750.0020 days

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