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  • 1/2 or 2 inch linear travel and 44º or 60º wobble, respectively
  • Manual actuator
  • UHV or HV compatible materials
  • Welded bellows seal
  • Bakeable to 230ºC
  • Del-Seal™ CF and Kwik-Flange™ port mounts

Wide angle wobble sticks, the most basic products of the wobble stick family provide an economical solution for light duty sample motion and manipulation. They are stripped down wobble sticks ideally suited for user customization. Under vacuum load the bellows are compressed and the shaft completely extended into the vacuum chamber. Offered in two models they provide 44º and 60º of angular displacement respectively. They are available with both Conflat® compatible Del-Seal™? CF metal seal flanges and Kwik-Flange™ ISO KF elastomer seal flanges.

  Flange / Actuator body 304ss
  Shaft seal AM 350 welded bellows
 Vacuum Range  UHV : 1x10-11 Torr
HV : 1x10-8 Torr 
 Temperature Range UHV : -20âC to 230ºC
HV : -20ºC to 150ºC 
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Wobble Stick Wide Angle Motion & Manipulation Multi-Motion Feedthroughs
Wobble Stick Wide Angle Motion & Manipulation Multi-Motion Feedthroughs

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1-1/3 UHV1/2 Inch44 Deg.3693001 
REF# WS-133
EACH$381.00$381.0020 days
2-3/4 UHV2 Inch60 Deg.3693000
REF# WS-275
EACH$445.00$445.0030 days
NW16 HV1/2 Inch44 Deg.3693002 
REF# K075-WS
EACH$283.00$283.0030 days
NW40 HV2 Inch60 Deg.3693003
REF# K150-WS
EACH--- Call (510) 265-3500 ----

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