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Miniature Evaporation System
e-Vap 100 system

e-Vap 100 is a precision monolayer deposition source employed for evaporative coatings in UHV applications. Its unique design uses an electron beam power source for thermionic emission and pinpoint electrostatic focusing of an electron beam onto a 1-millimeter diameter wire. The wire being evaporated is at ground potential and serves as the source anode, thus attracting electron bombardment. The constant stream of electrons heats the wire tip to its melting point forming a very small liquid ball, which is subsequently vaporized. 

e-Vap™ 100 complete System

The wire is manually fed by a precision linear drive feedthrough, and must be fed periodically as determined by source evaporation rates. The e-Vap® 100 source evaporates high temperature refractory metals including Tantalum, Molybdenum and Tungsten and most other materials manufactured in wire form. High temperature materials are not readily evaporated using Knudsen or Effusion cells, making the e–Vap® 100, because of its miniature size, an excellent Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) evaporation source. The evaporation rate table for EV-100 depicts calculated deposition rates for various pure materials. The e-Vap® 100 source is constructed with refractory metals for rapid equilibrium with minimal outgassing, to withstand elevated temperatures without the need for water cooling and to reduce the possibility of contamination in sensitive UHV applications. The source has an outgas mode to allow vacuum conditioning of the evaporation head. This degas feature allows heating of the e-Vap® 100 head to drive off any adsorbed contaminant. The source is mounted on a 2-3/4" Del-Seal™ CF flange. Power connections are made via four SHV coaxial connectors clearly labeled for filament positive, filament negative, anode and screen inputs. Maintenance on the evaporation head is made simple with easy replacement of all key components. 

Source Assembly

The e-Vap® 100 power supply incorporates all switching technology for the high-voltage and filament sections. This translates to a smaller and lighter package, greatly improved arc-suppression and better emission current control. Arcs are suppressed in the order of microseconds rather than the millisecond response in other 50/60Hz systems. This, combined with lower levels of stored energy, prevent the molten tip of the evaporant rod from being “blown away” during an arc, a common occurrence with older systems. 



e-Vap™ 100 Source Assembly

  • 100 Watt power supply
  • Monolayer E-Beam deposition
  • Precision control deposition rates
  • 1mm wire feed mechanism, 2mm optional
  • Refractory materials evaporation
  • UHV compatible to 10-11 Torr
  • Bakeable to 250°C
  • No water cooling required
  • Mounted on 2-3/4" Del-Seal™ CF flange

Metering  Digital Emission Current
Cooling Air cooled
Input power 208 V ±10%,
50/60 Hz,
3 Amperes
Voltage output 2 kV DC negative polarity
Output Ripple  Less than 2% RMS
Voltage Regulation 1%
Current output 0 to 0.05 Amperes
Emission Current Regulation  1%
Efficiency 85%
Weight  20lb
Dimensions 19" W x 3.5" H x 18" L
 e-Vap 100 system
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