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Angle and Inline Valves
Port Connection Guide

MDC offers five industry standard port connections. The port connections available for each valve size are depicted in the specific two page valve spread. Port connections not shown, are either not available for that specific valve size or only available on request. 
The following port connection guide summarizes the five standard connection solutions available.

Angle and Inline Valve
 UHV Flange                             1x10-13 Torr / 450°C
Del-Seal™ CF flanges employ a Conflat® compatible knife-edge sealing mechanism which produces a cold-flow deformation of a metal copper gasket. Flanges are available for tube sizes from .25" to 14" diameters. They are used in UHV environments where high temperature bakeouts are a must. Both port flanges are rotatable.


Del-Seal™ CF
Metal Seal Flanges


 UHV Tube Fitting                    1x10-13 Torr / 450°C

Swagelok VCR® Tube fittings are designed for rapid make-up in tube, pipe and welded systems. They are zero clearance fittings, ideal for installation in limited space. Sealing is accomplished with the compression of a copper metal gasket. They are typically used for gas admission into UHV systems.


Swagelok Metal Seal Fittings


 HV Flange                                1x10-8 Torr / 150°C

Kwik-Flange™ ISO KF flanges are ideal for vacuum systems requiring frequent assembly and disassembly. Fastening and sealing is achieved by a hinged radial clamp, which provides compression of an elastomer gasket. KF flanges comply with all ISO specifications for vacuum hardware and are available for tube sizes up to 2" in diameter.


 Kwik-Flange™ KF
ISO Elastomer Seal Flanges


 HV Flange                                1x10-8 Torr / 150°C
Large-Flange™ LF flanges are a continuation of the Kwik-Flange™ family. They cover the range from 2.5" to 20" tube diameters. The main difference between LF and KF flanges is their method of fastening. LF flanges use multiple claw clamps versus a single hinged radial clamp in KF flanges. They also meet all ISO specifications for vacuum hardware.


Large-Flange™ LF
ISO Elastomer Seal Flanges


 UHV Tube Weld                       1x10-13 Torr / 450°C
Del-Weld™ Tube weld connections are intended for use in UHV or HV vacuum systems requiring a minimal amount of gasket joints thus reducing potential leak paths. Future use of a system must be considered when choosing this style of connection. Once welded, they become an integral and permanent part of the vacuum system


Tube Weld Fittings


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