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Modular Evaporation Sources
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MDC modular e-Vap® sources are state-of-the-art electron-beam evaporation sources designed for the demanding and exacting world of vacuum coatings. This unprecedented selection of electron-beam evaporation sources provides vacuum coating solutions for most applications including medical, metallurgical, telecommunications, micro-electronics and optics.
Modular sources are offered in six standard frame sizes and are stand alone components for maximum installation flexibility in existing vacuum systems. For those desiring standard off-the-shelf solutions, complete horizontal and vertical flange mounted systems are also available. For a detailed presentation of horizontal and vertical turnkey coating systems please click on product links on this page

Modular sources are fitted with direct watercooled crucibles. Select models have indirectly cooled crucibles that allow the user to change crucibles without interrupting the flow of water to the source and without having to disassemble the source. Modular sources are offered with material capacities from 6cc to 400cc in a multitude of pocket geometries and arrangements. They are available in both fixed and rotary pocket mechanisms for high and ultrahigh vacuum environments. e-Vap® modular sources are designed for optimum performance with e-Vap® power supplies, controls and electronics. Other essential components and hardware required for the installation of e-Vap® modular sources are detailed in e-Vap® accessories section.

Contact the MDC technical sales engineers for custom electronbeam evaporation requirements.

Source Type... The modular sources listed below are categorized by Source Type. Specifications for each source are detailed by Frame Size on the individual frame pages. The diagram below gives a bird’s-eye view of the various crucible pocket geometries offered in this section. 

Direct vs Indirect Water Cooling... Direct cooling provides  water circulation through a crucible’s elaborate hollow core, thus directly cooling the copper crucible. Indirect water cooling employs a solid Crucible / Pocket Geometry copper crucible in intimate contact with the source’s watercooled copper base. Indirectly cooled sources allow crucible replacement without having to disconnect water lines, but must be operated at lower power levels.

Crucible Liners... MDC recommends using crucible liners with all e-Vap evaporation sources. These liners offer improved thermal stability while reducing the transfer of heat to the crucible. Liners provide the ability to easily and quickly switch evaporant materials without removing the crucible for cleaning. They also reduce power requirements to achieve specific evaporation rates. For a detailed list of crucible liner materials click here

 Modular Evaporation Individual Sources
For product listing, features and specifications click on links below
 Frame 1- Small, Fixed Pocket
 Frame-2 - Large, Fixed Pocket
 Frame-3 - Small, Rotary Pocket
 Frame-4 - Small, UHV Rotary Pocket
 Frame-5 - Large, HV & UHV Rotary Pocket
 Frame-6 - Extra Large, Rotary Pocket
 Filament Assembly
  • Filament is shielded from ion bombardment
  • No shorting
  • Longer filament life
  • Reduced coating of ceramic insulators
  • Reduced arcing

 HF Emitter Assembly

  • 270° arc emitter module
  • Heat sunk emitter
  • Consistent electrostatic field
  • Longer life anode and beam former
  • Reduced filament distortion
  • Modular plug-in emitter design
  • Simple maintenance, Single
  • Simple filament replacement
  • Minimal adjustment...only requires verification of filament tolerance

 Open Cathode Design

  • No space charging
  • Increased emission
  • Cooler operating filament...requires only 42 amps for 15 kW

 Beam Sweep Coil Assembly

  • Helmholtz design principle produces a uniform magnetic field
  • No tunneling
  • Beam maintains constant density and shape when swept across crucible

Magnet Assembly

  • Permanent magnets
  • 270° arc beam deflection...with positive beam containment
  • Reliable beam positioning
  • No pole pieces
  • Efficient magnetic field generation
  • Beam travels vertically through crucible

Crucible Module / Replaceable Modules

  • Capacity from 6cc to 400cc
  • Complete utilization of vapor cone during shadowing
  • Reduced cross-contamination during changes of evaporant material

See Individual Frame sizes
 Crucible / Pocket Geometry
Custom configuration gif
Most Popular Sources
Standard Multi Pocket Sources that have been identified by our customers as the most popular sources are listed below. MDC has made a commitment with sub component inventory to offer reduced leadtimes for standard multipocket sources.
Frame Size Number of pockets Volume per pocket Maximum Power Reference Part Number
3 4 6cc 6kW EV-4000-66 991600
4 4 6cc 6kW  EV-4000-66UHV 991700
5 4 15cc 10kW EV-4000-1015 991900
5 4 25cc 10kW EV-4000-1025 991800
5 6 12cc 10kW EV-6000-1012-HF 992100
5 1 150cc 10kW  EV-4000-150CAR-HF 992523
6 4 40cc 15kW  EV-4000-1540-HF 992405
6 4 75cc 15kW EV-4000-1540-HF 992406
6 1 400cc 15kW EV-4000-400CAR 993101
6 6 40cc 15kW EV-6000-1540 993100

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