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Miniature Evaporation System
e-Vap® Mighty Source™ system

Practical, low-cost, and highly reliable electron beam deposition sources are the future as we know it today. MDC introduces the e-Vap® “Mighty Source™”– a 4 pocket x 2cc rotary electron beam source. Affordable and extremely compact, it stands just 2.4-inches tall by 4-inches long by 2.8-inches wide. Is there anything smaller out there? 

The Mighty Source™ is rated for 3 kilowatts of power which makes it an ideal deposition tool for evaporating metals, oxides, metal-oxides, and magnetic materials. Designed into the source body are two hermetically-sealed XY-axis sweep coils that allow you to sweep the electron beam across the crucible pocket, resulting in the maximization of your coating process in terms of material stability and consistency. 

The Mighty Source™ design is specifically tailored for the following uses – pilot production, lab/R&D applications, and the university marketplace. Its compact design features allow it to be mounted onto a 2-3/4-inch Del-Seal CF flange or onto a 6-inch or 10-inch Del-Seal CF flange in either horizontal or vertical configurations. To complete this product system, MDC also offers a 3kw power supply and low cost XY sweep controller.

 e-Vap® Mighty Source™ system
 All Parts
 Stand Alone
 2-3/4-inch Del Seal CF Flange (horizontally mounted)
 6-inch Del Seal CF Flange (horizontally mounted)
 8-inch Del Seal CF Flange (vertically mounted)
 3kw Mini Sweep Controller
 3kw Power Supply
 Emitter Rebuild Kit (993410)
 Crucible Sealing Kit (993439)
 Gasket, 1/8 -inch VCR (042064)
 Filament clamp sleeve  (993415)

e-Vap® Mighty Source™  4 pocket evaporation source

  • Ideal for evaporating metals, oxides, magnetic materials and dielectrics 
  • Ideal for universities, lab/R&D, pilot production users 
  • Ideal applications include metallization, MBE, nano-technology, optics, microscopy and thin film heads  
  • Rated for 3000 Watts of deposition power
  • Four pocket x 2cc rotating crucible 
  • Ultra small footprint – total size is 2.4" H x 4.1" L x 2.8" W 
  • A contained permanent magnet design produces a very small, highly dense beam spot 
  • XY sweep coils are included 
  • Crucible drive can be driven from any position – left, right, down, even angled 
  • Stand-alone, flange-mounted or turn-key assemblies are standard offerings 
  • Flange-mounts can be installed on a 2.75-inch Del-Seal CF flange 
  • Turnkey assemblies are installed onto a 6-inch and 10 inch Del-Seal CF flange and include shutter and all electrical, water, and mechanical feedthroughs –ready to operate 
  • Go to 993400 (REF# EV-MS) for detailed technical specifications. 
  • Call 1-800-443-8817 for pricing and additional information.
  • CE compliant


 Flange Mounted Assemblies

  • Complete turnkey assemblies -plug ‘n play 
  • Horizontal assembly is supplied on a 6" flange 
  • Vertical assembly is supplied on a 10" flange 
  • Water-cooled roofs are available as an option 
  • Different flange sizes are available upon request 
  • Go to 993430 (REF# EV-MS-F275-H) for detailed technical specifications. 
  • Call 1-800-443-8817 for pricing and additional information. 

 Source Specifications
Maximum Power 3000 watts
Operating Voltage 5000 volts 
Beam Current 600 milli-amperes 
Compactable Vacuum 2 x 10e-8 torr 
Water Flow 65 psi or .62 gpm
XY Sweep Frequency 0 - 50Hz, 1.0 amps 
Beam Spot Size 3-4 mm
Crucible Material OFE copper 
Bakeout Temperature 150°C 
Crucible Geometry 2.0 cc volume cruncibles x 4 
Weight 6 lbs 
Dimensions  2.4"H x 4.1"L x 2.8" W 
 Deposition Rate Table and Graph
 Deposition Rate vs Power
 Deposition Rate Table
Material  Sweep Used  Emmision Current (MA)  Deposition Rate (A/SEC) 
Al  No  500  4.5
*AL  No  100   28.0
Al2O3  Yes  100  8.0
Ag  No   150  13.0
Co   No  200  9.0
Cr  Yes  50  13.0
Cu   No  500  2.2
Ge   No  300  3.0
Hf  Yes  250  7.0
HfO2  Yes  150  9.0
In   No  200  18.0
ITO  Yes  20 10.0
Mo  No  500  8.5
MgF2  Yes 10  7.0
Nb   No  500 1.0
Ni   No  300  3.0
Pd   No  100  50.0
Si   Yes  300  1.0
SiO2  Yes   40  25.0
Ta   No  500  8.0
Ta2O5  Yes  150  7.0
Ti   No  300  20.0
TiO2  Yes   150  7.5
W   No  500  8.0
Y   No  150  40.0
ZnS  Yes  30 10.0 
ZnSe  Yes  10  40.0
ZrO2  Yes  200  10.0

* with crucible liner

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