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Thermal Evaporation
Re-Vap 3000 system


MDC’s high powered Re-Vap™ resistive evaporation system is a highly industrial, robustly designed, economical method of depositing thin film coatings. The current passing through a resistive element (filament, boat, etc.) is produced by a unique high current, low voltage switch-mode high frequency power supply that produces ample amounts of current needed to evaporate materials such as iron, nickel, aluminum, copper, silver, gold and platinum. Silicon-monoxide, magnesium fluoride, as well as zinc selenide are readily evaporated.

Re-Vap™ Power Supply & Controller 
MDC has taken advantage of its extensive knowledge of high frequency solid-state switching power supplies by incorporating that technology into a patent applied high-powered 3000 watt Re-Vap™ power supply. Tremendous size and weight reductions are the result. With overall dimensions of 5" x 8" x 13" and a total weight of 20-pounds, the power supply can be mounted underneath the vacuum coating system just inches away from the high current feedthroughs. The power supply is only one-eighth the size and onetenth the weight of a typical 3000 watt resistive power supply. Two unique advantages include higher power efficiency and floor space savings. Power efficiency is greater because the output cable length is reduced with a resulting lower power loss. The Re-Vap™ controller is a half-rack width display module displaying the current, voltage, safety interlock and status/operation indicators. For automated coating processes, it may be connected to a rate/thickness controller for precise control. Power can also be controlled through the front panel or with the hand-held remote control. 

Re-Vap™ clamp, High Current feedthrough and Z-bar™ extensions
The Re-Vap™ positive clamping method is universally designed for heavy use and quick-change capability. Thumbscrews are provided for fast installation of boats or filaments. Air-side clamping uses silver-plated battery clampstyle hard copper connections designed for maximum surface contact and high current carrying capacity. The Re-Vap™ high current 3/4-inch feedthroughs are rated at 600 amps. It uses high purity alumina ceramic as the dielectric material, which is hermetically sealed to a flexible metal transition using vacuum grade braze alloys in a vacuum brazing furnace. Additionally, a removable snap-on ground shield provides protection from line-of-sight coating on exposed ceramic surfaces. Re-Vap™ feedthroughs are fitted with Del-Base™ baseplate mounts in standard one-inch, 32mm or 34mm sizes for use in most vacuum coating systems, including Balzers and Leybold systems. 

Z-bar™ extensions are used in cases where normally an evaporation source cannot be positioned because of spacing limitations. The modular Z-bar™ extensions allow you to maneuver your evaporation sources around fixed equipment inside your vacuum coating system. Its versatility allows you to use them singularly or in multiples for those hard to reach locations.  

  • 3000 Watt Output
  • Designed for industrial / production applications
  • Compact size - mounts underneath chamber
  • High Frequency Switching Power Supply
  • 5, 10 volt configurations
  • Connects to rate controller, stand-alone capable
  • CE compliant
  • Option to "stack" supplies or higher output voltage on current.

 Cooling Air cooled
 Input Power 208-240 Vac Single Phase
50/60 Hz, 25 Amps
 Power Output 0 to 5 VDC @ 600 Amps
0 to 10 VDC @ 300 Amps
 Cable 6 foot cable included
 Weight 20 lb
 Dimensions 5" W x 8" H x 13" D
 Re-Vap 3000 system
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