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Modular Evaporation Sources
Horizontal Source Assembly

MDC has eliminated the difficulties of flange mounting electron beam sources. Problems associated with designing and fitting sources into coating systems have been solved with the introduction of standard horizontal flange mounted evaporation sources. The compact footprint of these flanged evaporation systems allows the installation of up to three individual sources onto one ten-inch chamber.

The flanged assemblies include an electron beam source with all water and electrical connections. A guide rod option provides a drawer like sliding action, ideal for installation and system maintenance. Horizontal flange mounted assemblies come ready to accept this guide rod kit. Another option includes a water-cooled roof, which mounts directly above the e-Vap® source. The water-cooled roof acts as a heat barrier between the source and substrate and also prevents vapor condensation on chamber walls. The water-cooled roof is fitted with a deposition port angled towards the substrate, which aids in deposition uniformity, even when source and substrate centerlines are offset. Horizontal systems purchased with a source control module will be fitted with flange-mounted filament transformers. 

  • UHV compatible system 
  • 8" or 10" Del-Seal™ CF flange mount 
  • Assembly includes rotary, linear and electrical feedthroughs, clamps, linkages, water flow switch and water connections 
  • Manual, push-pull shutter 
  • High temperature, 300°C manual rotary drive on 4 pocket models; blanked off on single pocket 
  • Flange seal surface to crucible centerline is 8" on 8" Del-Seal™ CF 
  • Flange seal surface to crucible centerline is 10" on 10" Del-Seal™ CF 
  • Systems available with or without watercooled roofs 

 Horizontal Source Assembly
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 Horizontal Source Assembly

Optional Accessories
Option-01      Pneumatic Shutter
Shutters mask off the vapor stream between source and substrate. Shutters are ideal for pre-melt or “soak” prior to deposition by blanketing the evaporation material. Pneumatic shutters for vertical flanged assemblies cannot be mounted on source flange, but can be installed through a secondary 1.33" Del-Seal™ CF port. This shutter is a two position shutter which includes a 120VAC solenoid.
Option-02      Crucible Indexer Drive
The Crucible Indexer is a stepper motor drive unit for rotating and positioning multi-pocket e-Vap® sources. The unit can drive sources with up to eight pockets in either a unidirectional or bidirectional manner. It can also drive continuous carousel-type sources at sixteen speed settings. Includes mounting bracket for external drive. 
Option-03     Guide Rods
Two linear bearing guide rods allow the flange mounted e-Vap® systems to be routinely maintained by simply sliding in and out, in drawerlike fashion. A weldable support bracket kit is provided to secure the guide rods onto the user’s port flange. Installation is simple and self explanatory.
Option -04 to -08    Custom Source Position & Volume
The standard distance from the source center to the mounting-flange seal face is 10" or 8" for horizontal systems. For custom positions between 8" to 12" add option 4. Standard single- pocket crucible volume is 7cc. For pocket volumes of 15, 25 or 40cc add option -06, -07 or -08 respectively.
Option-05     Custom Roof Ports
Watercooled roofs have three ports. A main port directly over the source, which is used for the deposition process. A second port for the crystal sensor is used to monitor deposition rate. A third port provides direct visual inspection of the source and beam through a chamber viewport. Each of these port locations can be specified by the customer. 
When ordering e-Vap® assembly options, please add the option number(s) to the end of the desired assembly Part Number listed above. For example 992515-01-02-03-04-05-08

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