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We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new, Insulator Seal (ISI) division website! This site is solely dedicated to our Insulator Seal division, and will be a great resource to all those who would like to find out about the division's capabilities, product offering, news and events, and technical blog articles. The site is mobile friendly and features a responsive design, so it will look great no matter what size of screen you view it on! Check it out by visiting:

Insulator Seal Inc. (ISI™), a division of MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, manufacturers electrical & optical ceramic-to-metal sealed components for harsh environments. ISI has been the innovation leader in the industry for over 30 years. Evolving from being a high vacuum solutions provider only, ISI now delivers world-class components for harsh environmental connector applications around the globe.

We have eight generic product classes used to create innovative solutions for our markets. They are Viewport, Break, Liquid, RF Power, Thermocouple, Power, Multipin, and Coaxial. Each product has its own defined value in the transmission of energy, light, and fluid between a harsh environment to the ambient system. Regardless of your industry or application, Insulator Seal can provide you with the connector solution you require. What seal connection demands do you have?

Electrical Feedthroughs   



RF Power

Breaks & Envelopes



Fused Silica

Zero Profile 7056 Glass

Weldable Pyrex

Viewport Shields
Fluid Feedthroughs

General Purpose with Swagelok
General Purpose with VCR

Liquid Nitrogen with Swagelok

Liquid Nitrogen with VCR

Insulating Materials 

Dielectric and Crystalline Materials Commonly Sealed by ISI
Glass Components

Double Ended
Sealed Off

Glass to Metal bellow Adapters

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