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Fluid Feedthroughs

MDC fluid feedthroughs are designed for the transmission of gasses or coolants into high and ultrahigh vacuum environments. They are constructed from 300 series stainless steel and available with single or dual tube configurations. All feedthrough versions are fitted with 1/4 inch tubes and terminated with industry standard tube fittings including Swagelok® and VCR® brand tube fittings. 

VCR® Tube fittings are designed for rapid make-up in tube, pipe and welded systems. They are zero clearance fittings, ideal for installation in limited space. Sealing is accomplished with the compression of a removable copper metal gasket. This type of fitting is ideally suited for gas admission into UHV systems.

Swagelok® compression fittings are an economical alternative to the VCR® fitting. They do not require gaskets and seal by swaging the stainless steel tube to which they are mated. 

The MDC fluid feedthrough product line is divided into two main categories, general service and cryogenic service. General service fluid feedthroughs are .035 inch single wall tube construction and designed for the transmission of water as a cooling medium.

  • UHV compatible
  • Del-Seal™ CF mounts
  • Kwik-Flange™ ISO KF mounts
  • 1" Baseplate bolt mount
  • Water service
  • Liquid nitrogen service
  • Swagelok® and VCR® fittings


Watercooled fluid feedthroughs are an economical and reliable method of introducing water into a vacuum system. They are available with either style of tube fitting as described above. Cryogenic service fluid feedthroughs are designed for transmission of liquid nitrogen as the cooling medium. Because of the extreme thermal gradients encountered with liquid nitrogen, these feedthroughs are constructed with dual and coaxial tube geometries. The coaxial cavity between these tubes is on the vacuum side of the feedthrough assembly and provides a thermal barrier that reduces condensation and ice buildup on the atmosphere side of the assembly. Ice buildup at the mounting flange interface would be detrimental to flange mount seal integrity especially in the case of elastomer seal types.

Three vacuum mount styles are available for all versions of fluid feedthroughs including Del-Seal™ CF metal seal flanges, Kwik-Flange™ ISO KF elastomer gasket seal flanges and 1" bolt baseplate mounts with elastomer gasket seals.

Del-Seal™ CF metal seal flanges employ a Conflat® compatible knife-edge sealing mechanism that produces a cold-flow deformation of a metal copper gasket. They are ideally suited for use in ultrahigh vacuum environments to 1x10-13 Torr and 450°C bakeout.

Kwik-Flange™ ISO KF flanges are ideal for vacuum environments requiring frequent assembly and disassembly. Fastening and sealing is achieved by a hinged radial clamp, which provides compression of an elastomer gasket. Kwik-Flange™ mounts comply with all ISO specifications for vacuum mount hardware. This style of mount is suitable for high vacuum service to 1x10-8 Torr and 150°C bakeout.

The baseplate bolt mount is a self contained vacuum mount that includes everything necessary for installation and sealing. The only requirement is that the chamber or baseplate wall must have a 1 inch clearance bore with a flat and smooth 1-3/4 inch diameter spot face for elastomer sealing. 

 Fluid Feedthroughs
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For additional configurations available through Insulator Seal, please visit Insulator Seal Site .

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