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Del-Seal™  CF Flanges

Flange Installation


Using clean lint free gloves, place an MDC pre-cleaned OFE copper gasket against the knife edge seal of one of two standard Del- Seal™ CF flanges, preferably the flange most likely to hold and support the gasket from falling. With the gasket in place arrange mating flange with the desired bolt hole orientation. If flanges are fitted with leak test grooves, these should be aligned. With flanges aligned, insert proper size bolt and hand tighten.Washers are typically used on the nut side of the fastener assembly. Repeat this procedure with the remaining bolts.

Silver plated bolts or anti-seize thread lubricants are recommended for the fastening of all stainless steel hardware. This is especially true with tapped hole or blindtapped hole mating Del-Seal™ CF flanges which will see high temperatures. Even at room temperatures, galling of non-lubricated stainless steel fasteners can lead to seizing and possible loss of a component.

After hand tightening all bolts, support bolt and turn nut using two closed-end box wrenches. The tightening process must be done gradually in 1/4 to 1/2 turn increments in a alternating crisscross pattern. Continue this incremental tightening until the desired torque ratings have been achieved. Tightening bolts in this fashion will insure a reliable seal with even gasket compression and deformation.

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